Impressions with class so far…

I’ve enjoyed this class so far.  Everything is so fast-paced because it’s only a 6 week course, so sometimes it’s alot of work to have two big projects due each Monday.  But I really enjoy going to class and learning this new skill, because it I believe it will be very useful for me in the future.  Also, I like that it is pretty stress-less, practical, and not too difficult, since it’s for non-majors.  So I don’t mind.  Also, going to class and recitation is very helpful, because Ken is very knowledgeable as well as entertaining, and Michelle is very patient and helpful.  I am happy with the class, and I like that we can always get help from Ken, Michelle, on iSpace, or from the other TAs.

Web design will further my career…

I believe this web design class would be useful for anyone to take, but I believe it is especially useful in my case.  I will be entering an Economics PhD program this fall, and I plan to be an Economics Research Professor.  But the reason I am inspired to be an Economics Researcher is due to the impact I can have on policy, as well as regular peoples’ lives.  My goal to publish papers is every bit as important as publicizing my ideas to the general public; a website would be an ideal place to start publicizing, and would have the ability to reach the widest audience.  The school I will attend is even starting a public policy institute, where the graduate students can learn to publicize their research.  Those skills together with this web design class should make me amazing at publicizing my research.

Economics Tutors

Previous web design experience

I have not designed a website in years.  In middle school (15 years ago for me!), I had a very basic AOL website, but it was simple and I did not need to know much html.  I know that alot has changed since then, even in the HTML coding world.  I have been too busy to keep up with learning the new stuff or further advancing the basic knowledge I had, so this class will give me the perfect opportunity and motivation to do so.  I am excited to learn about modern web design.

Welcome to Christy’s blog

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog.  This is my first post in my first blog.  I love that I am taking this class.  I feel that I will get so much out of it.  Hopefully I am following the instructions well, and this will be a well-developed example of the first assignment!  I hope everyone enjoys looking at the awesome pages and designs I made here.  Maybe I will serve as a good example for someone in class.  lol.Me with Sean